Dollar for a Kilometer | Heidelberg to Eindhoven

As a hobby, my classmate Akash and I do long distance cycling and we enjoy exploring new places on our bikes. Back in Bangalore, due do poor cycle-lane infrastructure we had limited trails to ride but here in Baden-Wurttemburg we explored nearby towns and historic sites over the weekends on our bikes and thoroughly enjoyed this experience. This Spring break we wanted to take this … Continue reading Dollar for a Kilometer | Heidelberg to Eindhoven

Solar rooftop: Germany Vs India.

I live in Heidelberg, Germany, a city that can be compared to the likes of Mysore or Chikmaglur both in terms of size and beauty. The ways of people and the general vibe of the city is also quite similar to a small tourist town in India. But there’s one conspicuous difference about the place that you will quickly identify if you are into the … Continue reading Solar rooftop: Germany Vs India.

Makalidurga’s best

What started off as a modest plan by 4 people grew to a diverse group of 10 in 2 days thanks to WhatsApp and a lot of excitement. Typical large-group planning woes followed, with different versions of the trek durations got from the ever inconsistent web and each person’s largely flawed estimation, we decided a particular time to leave from bangalore in a manner no … Continue reading Makalidurga’s best


The waiters at Mango Tree took more caution than their counterparts in Bangalore with WiFi freeloaders, which was so ironic considering that apart from the tourists who came to eat there, nobody around seemed to be even remotely concerned of centering their activities around free internet. Even so, they bothered to change their WiFi password everyday. If you were to teleport to the restaurant right now … Continue reading Hampi

What’s in a year?

As I got tired thinking about what to name this post I drew inspiration from Shakespeare’s work, “What’s in a name?” I feel is mostly borrowed as consolation by people when they’re stuck with the wrong name for something. I also strongly felt ‘A crash course for life’ would have made an appropriate name, but then now you know both so here goes. About this time … Continue reading What’s in a year?